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Design and manufacture of log houses in two factories


From ideas to reality


How is a log house built? Or garden house, summer house, sauna? The first step is, of course, to get to know the client’s wishes and needs, followed by the design of the project. To do this, we use special CAD-based design software. In addition to the traditional architectural drawings, we also prepare the design for production, including material specifications. If necessary, and for a better visual overview of the house, we can also provide 3D views.

We take into account all construction requirements, production and construction technology possibilities and the specific features of log house construction.


Once the client is satisfied with the finished design and specification, the production of the log house starts. In our production, we value natural materials and closeness to nature, as well as environmentally sustainable solutions and a production process that is as waste-free as possible. The details are manufactured on CNC automatic lines, which ensure precision and economical use of raw materials.

Materials from

We only use Nordic spruce and pine wood with a dense grain in the manufacture of log houses. The logs are pre-dried to a moisture content of 20% (±4%). The quality of the finished building is important to us. Thorough checks ensure that the material meets strict quality requirements.


All parts coming from the line are numbered according to the specification provided in the project. They are packed before transport, with careful checks to ensure that everything you need reaches the customer. Doors and windows are usually included in the same package. To avoid confusion on the construction site, the house is usually packed and the parts numbered in the order of erection. And of course the packaging is weatherproof.

Delivery set for huts

In the production of all log houses, we take into account the needs of our customers, the purpose of the houses, the building requirements and the materials used in our production.
Every house coming off the production line is a custom-made job where all the customer’s wishes and specificities are taken into account. So we don’t have the traditional stock and when ordering a log house you have to take into account the time needed for production. Depending on the size and specificities of the house, the time needed for the delivery will also vary.

Typical warehouses with their standard specification may be suitable for southern climates, but may not be suitable for our climate conditions and building codes. To make houses last, different requirements must be taken into account, such as snow and wind loads.
Our advantage is that you can choose between different delivery kits for all types of houses, whether they are garden houses, summer houses, summer cottages or residential houses.

We don’t have the traditional stock and when ordering a log house you have to take into account the time needed for production. After the construction project and during the completion of the house in the factory, the foundation or foundation works can be carried out, the necessary communications (water, sewerage, electricity, etc.) can be established.
Every house that comes off the production line is a custom job. This gives our customers an advantage – we take into account the customer’s specific requirements and any changes to the project at the customer’s request are a natural part of log house production for us.

If you want to live in a log house with character and natural surroundings, or if you want a garden house, sauna, cottage or garage,
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We design and manufacture log houses based on our customers’ needs.



Thanks to reliable partners, we are able to offer complete solutions for log houses.



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Houses suitable for our climate

We have a long experience in the production of log houses and solid wood houses and know what suits our environment.

Peace of mind guaranteed

We are confident that all our customers will be satisfied with the product, both when they receive it and when they use it later.

A client-centred approach

There are no typical projects for us. Each client is unique with their own needs and wishes, and we will find solutions.

Fast and convenient service from Baltic House. I wanted to have a garden house for my garden that wasn't like every other garden house in South Estonia. In a couple of days we had the project together and soon the new garden house was in the yard waiting to be assembled.



I got the sauna solution I was looking for. I'm so tired of conventional egg and barrel saunas - there's not enough room. But now I have a suitable sauna house in the garden of my home, which I can also use as a guest house in the summer.



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