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The best solutions for high-end wooden houses

Baltic House

Wall profiles

To provide the best solution for every house, a wide range of wall profiles in both round and square beams are available in different thicknesses. All solid logs have been pre-dried to a moisture content of 20% (±2%), while laminated logs have been pre-dried to a moisture content of 13% (±4%). As raw material, we use only slow-growing Nordic spruce and pine wood, which is the best material for building log houses.

Baltic House Factory produced logs

Square solid logs

40 mm

50 mm

70 mm

94 mm

Rectangular adhesive beams

90 mm

134 mm

165 mm

180 mm

210 mm

220 mm

Round logs

∅ 170 mm

∅ 190 mm

∅ 210 mm

∅ 230 mm

Corners of log cabins

For solid beams (40mm, 50mm, 70mm and 92mm), we offer only the traditional transversal angle. For beams from 94mm and up we can offer three types of angles.

Crossbar is a traditional solution that has been used in Estonian farm architecture for centuries. It is characterised by the ends of the beams protruding from the surface of the wall.

Clean corner or fishtail peg is a newer but also traditional solution. The main difference compared to a cross-cut is that the intersection remains smooth, but the bevelled end faces of the beams remain visually visible.

Castles at is the most modern. There are practically no log ends protruding from the wall surface, and visually the corner of the building is much calmer, giving it a similar appearance to other timber-framed buildings. In particular, in densely populated urban environments, this may be the only type of log wall allowed.

Classic right angle

Clean corner

Castles at

Insulation of log houses

Although wood itself is a fairly heat-retaining material, it is not always practical to make the logs very thick – in this case, additional insulation on the outside or inside can help.

The joist spacing and studs also need sealing and insulation. We mainly use either linoleum, glass or wood fibre wool, self-expanding sealants or other sealing materials.

Internal heat insulation

External cross section of the insulation

Doors and windows

Solid wood doors and windows for log cabins also come from our own factory production line. This ensures the quality of the wood used and the precision of the work. We can also manufacture doors and windows to order.

Types of windows and doors:

  • AB – quality AIAMAJA

    42mm hinge, glass package 3-6-3, inward opening, tilt-and-turn “two-handed” opening

  • BC – quality SUVEMAJA

    51mm hinge, glass package 3-6-3, inward opening, tilt and turn “one-handed” opening

  • C – Quality LIFETIME

    Windows can be fitted with optional shutters


Stairs are made of high quality spruce wood according to the type of building, the project and the customer’s wishes. The possibilities for different solutions are endless.

In garden, summer and sauna houses, either a staircase or a simple staircase to the sleeping loft is most common. There are, of course, many more possibilities in a residential house. The most common solutions are the straight staircase, the turning staircase, the L-shaped staircase and the U-shaped staircase. And, of course, the staircase comes with handrails and other accessories.

    Delivery kits for houses

    In the production of all log houses, we take into account the needs of our customers, the purpose of the houses, the building requirements and the materials used in our production.
    Every house coming off the production line is a custom-made job where all the customer’s wishes and specificities are taken into account. So we don’t have the traditional stock and when ordering a log house you have to take into account the time needed for production. Depending on the size and specificities of the house, the time needed for the delivery will also vary.

    Typical warehouses with their standard specification may be suitable for southern climates, but may not be suitable for our climate conditions and building codes. To make houses last, different requirements must be taken into account, such as snow and wind loads.
    Our advantage is that you can choose between different delivery kits for all types of houses, whether they are garden houses, summer houses, summer cottages or residential houses.


    We design and manufacture log houses based on our customers’ needs.



    Thanks to reliable partners, we are able to offer complete solutions for log houses.



    Our product portfolio includes a wide range of different products and solutions. Discover the products that are right for you.



    We design and manufacture log houses based on our customers’ needs.


    Houses suitable for our climate

    We have a long experience in the production of log houses and solid wood houses and know what suits our environment.

    Peace of mind guaranteed

    We are confident that all our customers will be satisfied with the product, both when they receive it and when they use it later.

    A client-centred approach

    There are no typical projects for us. Each client is unique with their own needs and wishes, and we will find solutions.

    Fast and convenient service from Baltic House. I wanted to have a garden house for my garden that wasn't like every other garden house in South Estonia. In a couple of days we had the project together and soon the new garden house was in the yard waiting to be assembled.



    I got the sauna solution I was looking for. I'm so tired of conventional egg and barrel saunas - there's not enough room. But now I have a suitable sauna house in the garden of my home, which I can also use as a guest house in the summer.



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